Tango The Cure For Loneliness In this 20 Hour Program

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20 Hour Tango On The Hudson

Cure For Loneliness
Loneliness in our modern world is a major health issue for most adults. Social isolation and loneliness are the causes of many physical and mental illnesses.
You must invest in nurturing your social life as much as you do your financial life.
Taking dancing lessons from professionals who specialize in the type of dance that interests you will bring you into a world of new friends and social contacts.
“It Takes Two To Tango”

Argentine Tango is a couple’s dance, because “It Takes “Two To Tango”.
Argentine tango is danced in an embrace that can vary from very open, in which leader and follower connect at arm length, to very closed, in which the connection is chest-to-chest, or anywhere in between. The touch and feel of another human being may be what is missing in your life.
The First 20 Hours
In his book “The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything. Fast!” author Josh Kaufman explains the four steps to learning any new skill, fast. Argentine dance instructors David & Maia of The Dojo Dance Studio in the Hudson Valley, N.Y. have incorporated his 4 steps into their 20 Hour Tango dance course, new for 2017.
1- Deconstruct The Skill-they break down what are the most important parts of the dance that will bring your Tango moves to the point you feel competent on the dance floor.
2- Self-Correct– With the aid of their mirror wall and their positive feedback, you will be able to see what is not working and how you can improve your moves.
3- Remove Barriers To Learning– By signing up and paying for the full 20-hour program you are making a commitment to learning this new skill, fast.
4- Practice At Least 20 Hours- Each lesson is a full hour where you will participate and enjoy learning in a group setting with others who are as committed to learning true Argentine Tango as you.
Tango Community- There is a feeling of community and inclusion in the Hudson Valley Tango population. There is always room for new members to come onto the Tango dance floor. Tango dances are taking place all over the world and the Tri-State area.

So what are you waiting for call them to today: Phone (845)475-6006


Their studio is at 464 Main Street, Beacon, N.Y.

http://www.TangoUnderTheTent.com   a non-profit Tango organization in Sugar Loaf, N.Y.


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