Tango Is Not Easy! “It is not difficult to learn, but it is not easy!”

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Intimate Embrace

  • In Tango the embrace is intimate. Tango is the movements of two people joined in an intimate embrace to the tune of beautiful Argentine Tango music. You find yourself in the moment in which you are joined together in the stillness of movement and each other’s warmth and response to each other expression of dance.
  • Be Patient:
  • Tango has a steep learning curve, but keep at it and you will get better.
  • You must be willing learn a new body language called Tango. At times you will be disappointed with your results which will make mastering the Tango that more of an accomplishment.
  • Nothing important comes with instructions, but luckily with the right teacher you can master the body language of Tango.
  • Tango is an form expression that once you get it will introduce you the wonderful people in the worldwide Tango community.

Go anywhere in the world and you will find a Tango Milonga.

  • Reasons To Learn Tango
  • The people you meet. You never know who is going to be on the dance floor with you.
  • It’s a great form of exercise for both your body and mind.
  • Everybody comes dressed elegantly and sexy to Tango.
  • Age is not a consideration in Tango because the only requirement is that you know how to dance elegantly.

Social environment to meet new and interesting people.

  • People Can Be Rude:
  • Men and women can be rude. Men and women can also be courteous , considerate, kind and compassionate. Which traits are on display at the Milonga may in part relate to the manners a person already possess’s and that which instilled into them by their teachers/instructors/peers in the tango community.
  • It is important to be aware of the culture and etiquette of tango. It’s not all about technique, and has a lot to do with how you treat people.
  • I have heard newcomers complain to their teachers that not only did they sit the entire Milonga but NOT A SINGLE PERSON said hello to them! Rude experiences are appalling and far too frequent, and a complete turn off.

Smile and greet everyone you come into contact with and you will get the same in return. One day you may meet you new life long friend or mate.

It s A Lovely Addiction:

Tango is much like the lover that gives you just enough to keep you connected and interested, but no more. Sometimes I feel like a fool to be taken in by its promises.

  • Don’t label yourself clumsy and stupid. Be kind to yourself as you learn tango. The traditional Argentine Tango dance is so wonderful once it is learned & also understood
  • I had gone to a milonga and was told by my partner that if it would be alright if we didn’t dance the last dance of the tanda. It took all of my self-confidence away from me I could not ask anyone else to dance. It hurt but motivated me to take more classes.
  • I have gone to milongas and sat in an obscure place thinking if I’m not going to dance at least I’ll watch and learn and won’t feel the pain of feeling “invisible”.
  • Frustration is a major factor in learning to dance Tango, and only those with a high tolerance survive.
  • Tango is highly nuanced, and requires a lot more time to become sufficiently skilled than any other dance.
  • Argentine Tango is unlike ALL other dances on the face of the Earth. It requires passion & love of the dance, which is rewarded by great dancing with those who share a common bond. It is comparable to a “best friend” vs an “acquaintance” OR a loving compassionate spouse vs discontent & near divorce.
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