Tango Hygiene Mistakes

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Tango Hygiene Mistakes

Your body!
• Always slower as close to the Milonga start time as possible.
• Use an Antiperspirant not a deodorant!
• Men avoid any kind of cologne or aftershave. You never know if the woman is sensitive to the scent.
Use Coconut oil hair products to give your hair a nice good smell.

Your Mouth
Bad Breath is more than just embarrassing!
• Avoid cooking with strong smell spices like onions, curry or garlic because the smell gets on your clothes and your breathe.
• Brush your teeth and tongue after a meal.
• Avoid smoking after you shower and dressed for the Milonga.
• We recommend Altoids breath fresheners that have cinnamon.
• Have a piece of chocolate before you enter the Milonga. Chocolate always gives off a pleasant aroma.


• Men: It is always a good idea to bring an extra shirt and a handkerchief if you tend to perspire during the dance.
• A white T-shirt under your dress shirt will help if you sweat a lot during exercise.
• Men & Women: the Antiperspirant will be worth it’s weight in gold.

Tango Attire:
• One of the things that makes Tango a great couples dance is the fact that everybody dresses up for the Milonga.
• Women wear pretty dresses and high heels. The men normally wear suits or short jackets.
Everybody makes an effort to look good and you should too!

Tango Community
There is a feeling of community and inclusion in the Hudson Valley Tango population. There is always room for new members to come onto the Tango dance floor. Tango dances are taking place all over the Hudson Valley, the world and the Tri-State area.

So what are you waiting for, call Dojo Dance Studio today:
Phone: (845) 475-6006- http://www.DojoDanceCompany.com
Their studio is at 464 Main Street, Beacon, N.Y.

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