Tango Dance Etiquette

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Simple Tango Rules

•       Dancers to enjoy Tango dancing to it’s fullest practice some simple dance floor etiquette rules.

•       Always be courteous, friendly and welcoming to beginners and fellow dancers.

•       Dress for success-look your best- no jeans, sweat shirts, tennis shoes or causal attire at milongas. Tango is an elegant dance respect it’s dress codes.

•       The magic of tango is in the “Imitate Embrace” when your partner embraces you it is a gift!

•       It is not acceptable to talk while dancing because it breaks the “mood”.

•       Don’t correct your partners dancing on the dance floor during a milonga!!

•       Be alert to the presence of other dancers to avoid collisions and inappropriate embellishments such as high boleo’s.

•       Avoid perfumes and aftershave, some people are sensitive to them.

Personal hygiene is important: use deodorant, mouthwash and be sure to bath before leaving the house.

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