The Beginner’s Guide To Argentine Tango-FREE Download

Even though dancers follow certain conventions, they
never quite know how someone will construct a dance, add an embellishment or interpret the music. The
surprises possible within the dance are what make the dance so addicting. It really does take two to tango,
because the dance isn’t just about the man leading and the woman following. Both partners have important
things to contribute—like all good conversations.

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How To Experience Tango In Buenos Aires

A boom in tango tourism in Buenos Aires has seen tango-themed hotels spring up all around the city. These hotels are handy to stay at as they offer daily tango lessons and tango shows.
Some even have themed tango rooms, suites with private timber dance floors for dancers to practice on, tango concierges, tango boutiques and tango fashion parades

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Welcome To The World Of Argentine Tango On The Hudson

[embedyt][/embedyt]Cure For Loneliness:

Loneliness in our modern world is a major health issue for most adults. Social isolation and loneliness are the causes of many physical and mental illnesses.
You must invest in nurturing your social life as much as you do your financial life.
Taking dancing lessons from professionals who specialize in the type of dance that interests you will bring you into a world of new friends and social contacts.
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