See Any Movie, Any Theatre, Any Day $9.95 Per Month

See Any Movie,

Any Theatre, Any Day

$9.95 Per Month-Cancel Anytime

MoviePass a new and low cost movie plan!

A subscription service offering unlimited movies in theaters nationwide.

What is MoviePass?

MoviePass is the nation’s premier theatrical subscription service.

For $9.95 per month, members can see one standard 2D movie every calendar day.

Is the service a year long commitment? Are there early termination fees?MoviePass is month-to-month, no commitment. Cancel at any time without a fee.

How to cancel your account:

Cancelling your account is easy. On the home screen, click the hamburger menu in the upper lefthand corner. From the drop down menu, select your name. On the “Subscription Information” screen, select “Plan Info.” Then, click “Cancel Account.” The cancellation will take effect on your next billing date.

In Your Local Theatre?

How do You know if MoviePass supports your local theater?

Simply enter your desired zip code in the app and a list of supported locations in that area will appear! If you don’t have access to the app, check their website, for a list of approved theaters.

Where can you use MoviePass?

Who doesn’t love options? Luckily, it’s accepted at over 91% of theaters nationwide. To find a theater in your area, simply enter your zip code in our app or contact our team through our website’s chat feature.

Using MoviePass

  • You can only use MoviePass for same day tickets.
  • Changing your credit card is easy! On the home screen, click the hamburger menu in the upper lefthand corner. From the, select your name. On the  “Subscription Information” page, click “Billing Card” to update your payment method. Then, click “Scan your credit card” to update your card on file.
  • If the movie you wanted to see is sold out, just press the “Sold Out” Changed Mind?” button on the Check-In page. Then, you’re all set to check into a different film or screening.

Membership Cannot be used by 2 people. Currently individual memberships are non-transferable. They hope to add couples and family plans in the future.


E-ticketing is a simple redemption process that allows you to reserve your same-day ticket in our MoviePass app, before arriving at the the theater. Simply open your app and select your theater. From the list of films that appear, select your desired showtime and confirm your check-in. This check-in will generate a redemption code that you can present at the kiosk or box office to retrieve your ticket.

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