Ilene Marder’s Tangretto & Milonga At Bearsville Theater Was A Huge Success!!

We wanted to share the wonderful experience we had yesterday at Ilene Marder’s  Tangretto show and Tango milonga at the Bearsville  theater it was a huge success everybody was dressed beautifully the dancing was great we have a special thanks to Girk  from Albany for starting at the milonga off by starting to dance once the band started to play it got the whole place jumping and from that moment on it was a dance so we want to thank Eileen for all her hard work and for bringing Tangretto to the Hudson Valley Tango community. Special thanks to Evelyn for setting up the night club look of the milonga. Maia Martinez and David Salvatierra of Dojo dance company performed and amazing tango demonstration, make sure to watch the performance.

Tango In The Catskills 2018- Aug 24th to Aug 26th

Tango In The Catskills
Tango In The Catskills

Tango Under The Tent Milonga- Saturday- June 2nd

Saturday, June 2nd
Saturday, June 2nd

Why Tango? Because It Offers More Than Any Other Dance!

Why Tango? Because It Offers More Than Any Other Dance!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

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The Family of Tango Dances

There are actually three tango dances—each with its own music—in Argentine social dance. During the course of an evening of dancing all three will be played and danced.

The first is simply tango. This is thedance most people would recognize as tango and the dance most beginners learn first. Its music is typically based on a slow, steady four-count beat.

The second dance is called milonga. Milonga is a faster-paced dance based on simplified tango steps. It has much the same rhythm and feeling as a polka.

Milonga music is historically older than tango music, but the dance itself is actually newer. Milonga is a dance simply for fun.

The third is tango waltz, called vals or vals cruzado. Tango waltz music is based on the classic 1-2-3 of waltz, but in this type of tango, dancers typically dance on the ones. Continue reading “Why Tango? Because It Offers More Than Any Other Dance!”

Tango Mileage What Is It? And Why Do You Need It!

Tango Mileage What Is It? And Why Do You Need It!

You can get your FREE download of the PDF

“The Beginner’s Guide to Argentine Tango”

Click Here:  Beginner’s Guide To Argentine Tango 

Attending Tango Class

When you’re a beginning tango student, attending a class is the best way to get your bearings in the dance.

Sign up and attend regularly. Every good dancer I know is good because they signed up for the first series of classes and attended all of them. Learning to dance tango is a wonderful commitment you make for yourself and consistency is as important to achieving this goal as it is for all others in your life. Signing up and coming to one class a month here and there will just be frustrating for you.

A good tango class should introduce you to the following elements of tango: walking, turning, stopping, navigation, musicality and some embellishments. Continue reading “Tango Mileage What Is It? And Why Do You Need It!”

How To Improve Your Brain & Body With Dancing

How To Improve Your Brain & Body With Dancing

Protect Your Brain:

You can effect conditions like Alzheimer’s /Dementia, depression and your health by getting in the habit of only a half hour a day of physical activity at least three times a week. Alzheimer’s /Dementia, depression and your health by getting in the habit of only a half hour a day of physical activity at least three times a week.

How It Works: Continue reading “How To Improve Your Brain & Body With Dancing”

Eduardo Parra Sings Tango # 5- “Que Tango Hay Que Cantar”

Eduardo Parra one of Argentina’s great Tango singers shares his talent on this beautiful Tango songs. Please share!, “Que Tango Hay Que Cantar” :. Enjoy!!

Tango is a sensual ballroom dance that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early twentieth century. Tango is usually performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements.  Argentine Tango is well-suited to dancing in small settings. Argentine Tango retains the intimacy of the original dance.

Tango Epiphany Is Now Available On “Tango On The”

We are happy to announce the addition of Tango Epiphany to our website. Karen Kay brings her dance knowledge and writing ability to help us reach our personal ‘AHA Moment” in Tango.

Who Is Tango Epiphany?

Author & Bio

Karen Kaye is a writer based in Southern California. She has an M.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Human Resource Design from Claremont Graduate University. She started partner dancing in 1999 exploring everything from Salsa, Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Blues, Fusion and Bachata – and most recently, Argentine Tango.

Karen’s career started as an HR Business Partner where she focused on employee relations, recruiting, career coaching, training and organizational development. She later segued into specializing in Instructional Design, with an emphasis on creating online training and education. She has created online classes for universities including Cal State Fullerton and Concordia University along with major corporations such as Southern California Edison and Toshiba. She is also a certified Toastmaster and a skilled speech writer.

Karen is especially interested in creating online training for small businesses and entrepreneurs who seek to create passive income by putting their expertise in an online environment. Learn more at

She has a fascination with strategic problem solving and the art of how people learn most effectively. Her goal is to nudge people to approach life and dancing differently – and hopefully with greater connection and kindness.

Karen is an avid golfer and art collector who loves musicals, chess, meditation, roller skating and acroyoga.

You can follow Karen on Facebook at

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Tango Police- Don’t Join It ! !

The Tango Police:

  • Don’t become a Tango Police Officer and critique someone on the dance floor. You should address your concerns to the dancer instructors or the person running the Milonga or Pratica let them issue the violation.
  • Don’t be a “Tango Snob”, just because you have been dancing Tango for years doesn’t give you license to be a “Tango Snob”. There are always dancers better at Tango than you.
  • Don’t stand on the “Rules” to be rude to new dancers. If the experienced dances don’t welcome new dancers into the Tango community the newbies will just fade away never to be seen again.

Teaching on the Dance Floor: Continue reading “Tango Police- Don’t Join It ! !”

10/21: Argentine Tango Milonga Saturday, 10/21/17 Kingston ASK Center (Kingston)

 10/21: Argentine Tango Milonga Saturday, 10/21/17 Kingston ASK Center (Kingston) 

97 Broadway

(google map)

venue: Arts Society Of Kingston

Saturday ​October ​21st
7-8pm Lesson with Maia & David
​Milonga from ​8pm to midnight
97 Broadway, Kingston
General admission: $15
Light refreshments​ &​ snacks provided. Bring any dish drink ​you​ wish to share.
Let’s make it a party!