Tango Police- Don’t Join It ! !

The Tango Police:

  • Don’t become a Tango Police Officer and critique someone on the dance floor. You should address your concerns to the dancer instructors or the person running the Milonga or Pratica let them issue the violation.
  • Don’t be a “Tango Snob”, just because you have been dancing Tango for years doesn’t give you license to be a “Tango Snob”. There are always dancers better at Tango than you.
  • Don’t stand on the “Rules” to be rude to new dancers. If the experienced dances don’t welcome new dancers into the Tango community the newbies will just fade away never to be seen again.

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10/21: Argentine Tango Milonga Saturday, 10/21/17 Kingston ASK Center (Kingston)

 10/21: Argentine Tango Milonga Saturday, 10/21/17 Kingston ASK Center (Kingston) 

97 Broadway

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venue: Arts Society Of Kingston

Saturday ​October ​21st
7-8pm Lesson with Maia & David
​Milonga from ​8pm to midnight
97 Broadway, Kingston
General admission: $15
Light refreshments​ &​ snacks provided. Bring any dish drink ​you​ wish to share.
Let’s make it a party!