How To Tango Your Way Out Of Depression

How To Tango Your Way Out Of Depression

Our Modern Lives

  • In modern life we face many daily problems, sometimes our problems overwhelm us and cause us to get depressed.
  • Depression is more than sadness but is not a physical illness, it completely mental.
  • It is due to a high level of stress that we at times can’t handle.
  • It is a feeling of severe hopelessness and sadness in our lives.

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3 Quick & Easy Tango Styles

3 Quick & Easy Tango Styles

El Abrazo

The Tango’s frame, called an abrazo or “embrace,” is not rigid, but flexibly adjusts to different steps, and may vary being quite close, to offset in a “V” frame, to open. The flexibility is as important as is all movement in dance.

In tango, the steps are typically more gliding but can vary widely in timing, speed, and character, and follow no single specific rhythm. Because the dance is led and followed at the level of individual steps, these variations can occur from one step to the next. This allows the dancers to vary the dance from moment to moment to match the music (which often has both legato and/or staccato elements) and their mood. Continue reading “3 Quick & Easy Tango Styles”

How To Handle Rejection In Tango & Life

How To Handle Rejection In Tango & Life

Rejection and How To Handle It 

You Can’t Please Everyone

  • In the song “ Garden Party” the singer Ricky Nelson sings:
  • I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends
  • A chance to share old memories and play our songs again
  • When I got to the garden party, they all knew my name
  • No one recognized me, I didn’t look the same
  • But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well.
  • You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself!

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Tango Hygiene Mistakes

Tango Hygiene Mistakes

Your body!
• Always slower as close to the Milonga start time as possible.
• Use an Antiperspirant not a deodorant!
• Men avoid any kind of cologne or aftershave. You never know if the woman is sensitive to the scent.
Use Coconut oil hair products to give your hair a nice good smell.

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Hitler Loses It About Etiquette At Tango Milongas!- A Parody

Hitler Loses It About Etiquette At Tango Milongas!
The parody talks about staying on the outside and dancing in a counterclockwise circle. Not going overboard with embellishments. The importance of not hitting the couple in front of you. Respecting the other couples dance space. The rule of not passing the dancers in front of you. No need to bump into the dancers and saying sorry if you do. That the leaders should dance others than just their friends. The importance of body hygiene, taking a bath before the milonga. If you seat a lot bring an extra shirt with you these things is basic stuff.

Tango: Everything You Need To Know

Tango is a sensual ballroom dance that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early twentieth century. Tango is usually performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. Argentine Tango is well-suited to dancing in small settings. Argentine Tango retains the intimacy of the original dance.
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Tango The Cure For Loneliness In this 20 Hour Program

20 Hour Tango On The Hudson

Cure For Loneliness
Loneliness in our modern world is a major health issue for most adults. Social isolation and loneliness are the causes of many physical and mental illnesses.
You must invest in nurturing your social life as much as you do your financial life.
Taking dancing lessons from professionals who specialize in the type of dance that interests you will bring you into a world of new friends and social contacts.
“It Takes Two To Tango”

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The Secret Pleasures Of Argentine Tango

The Secret Pleasures Of Argentine Tango

Social Dance

Tango as a social dance grew from the idea of improvising together by using a rich mix of movements, constantly developing as tango subculture keeps evolving. Tango can be compared to a language used to communicate with another person, each conversation being unique. At every moment the partners decide what they will “converse” about, depending on the music, skills, and desires. Given a very rich movement vocabulary, these “conversations” may vary in an almost infinite number of ways. Here the most important thing will always be not what the dance looks like to the outsiders but how you feel dancing it with this particular partner to this particular music. Many people come to tango to try out something new, something they always wanted to try, sometimes just to meet the opposite sex, to socialize, to dance, to move their body.

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The Top 5 Mistakes In Tango Milongas

The Top 5 Mistakes In Tango Milongas

Mistake # 1 – Tandas

At a milonga, music is played in sets called “tandas.” Usually, three or four songs are played by the same orchestra followed by the “cortina” (the curtain) which signals the end of the “tanda”. If you ask someone to dance and they accept, it is assumed that it will be for the entire “tanda”. You must walk your dance partner back to their table.

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Hudson Valley Tango Festival – May 2017

Hudson Valley Tango Festival

Dojo Dance is putting together the first Annual Tango Festival of the Hudson Valley in May of 2017. They are looking for volunteers in the Hudson Valley Tango Community who have skills to make it become a reality. They need FREE or very low-cost locations in the Hudson Valley to hold the Milongas. They need volunteers with marketing, public relations, and festival organizing skills.
The festival will be a week long coming together of the Hudson Valley Tango Community with the added benefit of instructors and performers direct from Argentina.

Dojo Dance Company:

So what are you waiting for call them to today: Phone 845-475-6006

Their studio is at 464 Main Street, Beacon, N.Y.